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i've sort of started on doing what will be needed to fix Enhancer though i've not done any coding yet - just preliminary site and doc updates (so i know it's done as i'm updating my site anyway).

oomingmak: i can't reproduce the issue of the contact message appearing all of the time though as i'm on Win7 it resets to defaults all of the time - what exactly are you doing to cause the message to appear (wasn't 100% clear from your post). or do you mean when you click on the config button in the preferences to get it to show again?

anyhow, the main things i'm aware off are:
  1. Unable to access the registry on Vista / Win7 causing an error prompt everytime it starts
  2. Preset and other settings aren't remembered (partially due to the registry issue)
  3. 'Minimise acts very weird (at least when i've tried it under Win7 causing a black window to appear where the top-left corner was
  4. have to go to the config dialog to re-show the window once it's been hidden
  5. Default skin is for 2.x which really looks awful when testing under 5.x
of those, i think a wrapper plug-in will be able to resolve points 1 & 2 thus making it compatible with newer OSes / Winamp clients.

point 3 is one i'm not 100% sure off as i've not tried it on XP to see if it's a Win7/Vista issue.

point 4 should be able to be resolved with a global hotkey option to toggle the view state of the window (not 100% how feasible this one is to do until tried as i'm not sure how the plug-in implements its window).

and finally for point 5, seeing as i'm not a skinner by nature, i'm quite happy with the skin i've made for it to appear more like the 5.x classic base skin (as the Enhancer's native one is fine for 2.x but if i'm going to fix this then i thought it'd be nicer to have a 5.x style classic base skin).

i'm still not sure i'm going to actually try to make a wrapper to fix this though any incentives to do it will definitely help move it up the list into available time...

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