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Primoz: that wasn't quite the incentive i meant but you've made me smile (at this early time of the morning) so i think work will be happening on the wrapper now.

Koopa: i had noticed the docking thing though wasn't 100% sure if it was meant to dock to some of the known windows or just the main window (does just the main window under a classic skin, haven't tried with a modern skin). though i think this is more something that a number of plug-ins have always had issues with - it would be so much easier if the window was in a generic skinned frame (what the media library window uses) as the window is a bit small but without source code that isn't going to be possible to do (so that it'd be skinned correctly without having to make custom skins).

well i now understand what oomingmak's comment was about, thanks for the clarification Primoz and Koopa

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
The skin mockup looks good
that's the real thing am likely to make a version for the skin i'm currently using as it's all weird looking with a random base classic looking window with everything else, heh.

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