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i've spent most of today working on the wrapper (a bit behind on where i wanted to be) and i've managed to get the wrapper to do the following:
  • re-direct all registry access to an ini file (%inidir%\plugins\plugin.ini)
  • removes the messagebox when clicking on config and also disables the registry access error (doing as a sanity thing just incase something goes wonky with the ini redirection above)
  • updated url opening to go to the still active version of the original plug-ins site
  • fixed minimise mode to now act like the rest of the winamp windows to go into winshade instead of the iconic state it has been doing over the years
  • started on expanding the skin format for the plug-in to show minimised (winshade) and inactive states correctly (debating adding in animation on the close + minimise (winshade) buttons - see attached image for what i mean
i've still to sort out an installer to correctly get files updated/renamed and all that fun and work on a few more things (some things in the plug-in i won't be able to alter with the initial version of the wrapper like how it docks to the edge of the screen or not) so am looking like a few days to finish off things (have a sparodic crash due to the wrapper on my Win7 machine which i need to iron out).

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