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Originally Posted by Too-DAMN-Much View Post
what i do and would recommend for most people is get an m.2 SSD to install your OS and ONLY your operating system and then get a normal slow SSD for other things and if you're a gamer put most of your steam games and others onto a regular mechanical.

the m.2 SSDs are just amazingly fast, thrice as quick as my SATA ones
NVME ones are, there's also SATA via m.2 which isn't any faster than a regular 2.5" drive.
But unless you have to move large amounts of data between two NVME drives, those advantages are mostly theoretical anyway. What matters irl, especially for a system drive, is random performance and in that case even a 960 pro isn't much faster than an 850 evo.
Originally Posted by Too-DAMN-Much View Post
but don't use it for storage because SSDs are manufactured with an expiration date, i just recently had a SATA one die because i was using it as my hard drive for steam games and the updating finally killed it.
They've got limited writes, but whether that's really what killed it rather than the controller going belly up...
Chrome and Firefox (the latter's behaviour can at least be changed though) will write huge amounts of data to disc if left open for extended periods of time, even if you do nothing with them.

Originally Posted by swingdjted View Post
I would like secure off-site storage of large amounts of data, but I'm not sure what would be best without having to be bled all the time financially. Cloud storage seems pretty costly at this point when considering the amount of data needed to be stored. I guess I just need to do more research, or just buy portables and update them from time to time.
For large amounts usb drives are still the most economical solution. Maybe store another one at a friend's or relative's place to be safe against your house burning down and plug them in every now and then.
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