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Winamp 5.8 trunk beta can approach the Media Foundation feature

Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
Well yeah, but it's like winamp and video files too... I mean K-lite codec+mpc is far beyond winamp. Not to mention Winamp was good as an ipod syncing alternative to itunes (due to the plugin capability and ml_ipod) but nowadays its mostly useless.

Winamp is a great music player, but I think tried to be too much in the long run. Hopefully one day (WACUP?) I can finally strip out the stuff I don't want like video and the web bbrowser
When I've been using the K-Lite codecs on Windows XP, the Matroska + FFMPEG codecs literally improved the performance of Windows Media Player for MPEG-4, AAC/AVC/H.264 playback. Even the Plesk server brings a much better experience for those applications that depends from Media Foundation feature.

Personally, since the arrival of Windows 7, the usage of K-Lite codecs have sense in Windows XP and Vista due the lack of native support of the widespread usage of codecs of these versions of OSes. However, I found a much better experience with FFMPEG + Matroska + Libav codecs than same Media Foundation codecs for the hardware usage.
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