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lets be realistic here...

winamp is and has been dead for a few years now. yes, some unofficial 5.8 is available now, (the leak of the work done years ago, after 5.666, but b4 development was stopped imo); and yes something nebulous and undefined seems to be on the horizon, but is it going to be anything like the winamp we use now? i doubt it. i am thinking a crappy mobile app i don't want or need. i hope i'm wrong.

the fact is windows will eventually drop 32bit. that will mean the true death of winamp and all current plugins. can we not agree on that? b/c if there is to be a future for winamp long term, that truth must be recognized and 64 bit must be embraced.

if there was a Winamp64, it could be made platform agnostic. that would be amazing. and the way it could actually be possible is if it had in app purchases inside it. that would provide the revenue necessary for both the core app and 3rd party devs. design it such that people couldn't get around authorizing and paying for plugins in the app. (just like how a lot of mobile apps work now)

so you have the core app, and it playbacks most audio formats and includes the ML. want video support? pay one time for a plugin. want podcast support? ditto. you get the idea. you could have a pay gracenote plugin. you could have ratings natively supported, but an enhanced plugin (pay) to read and write half stars. you could include one free visualization, but make installing others a pay.

plugins could also be free if the dev wants them to be. and / or a dev could make it so their plugin does some stuff free, but other features are pay. the main thing is all the plugins are verified by the core app winamp store. so if the store says u never paid, they don't work.

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