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Packaging and releasing a plugin

Hello everyone,

As some of you might know we have been working on a smart shuffle plugin for Winamp, which we now believe is ready for an beta release. There are some features which we would like to add, but the plugin as of now is quite usable.

I now have some questions related to packaging the plugin. The libraries that we have used (apart from the Winamp SDK) for this project include:

- ANN (, licensed under GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL)
- Pthread (, also licensed under LGPL
- libcurl - licensed under a derivative of MIT/X (

What we would now like to do is to host the code of our plugin under google code, so that it is accessible to everyone. This would help us implement an issue tracking system, and collect bug reports and feature requests.

However, the question is, under what license do we now distribute our source code? Why I ask this is because we would like to distribute the needed include files from libcurl, pthread, ANN and SDK as part of the plugin source code (we would of course not claim ownership to that code).

Also, for releasing the plugin, I believe we can simply create an installer using NSIS and then upload the plugin.

Please correct me wherever I might be wrong, and do point out the right way of going about things here.

Rahul (rahulthewall) and Chahine (Chahine).
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