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V23 of NestDrop has been released!

Below is a summary of the updates. Read the full details in the changelog. Also the user manual is up to date.

New Features
  • See the incoming audio at a glance. Added an audio spectrum preview into the Library window toolbar.
  • Collapse each of the category sections of the Library window.
  • Experience Milkdrop in 3D with anaglyph glasses. Added support for anaglyph 3D.
  • Added an always-on-top button onto the Queue and Settings windows.
  • NestDrop can ease between any values when the Deck effects sliders are moved.
  • Map a MIDI knob to control the Sprite FX.

Changes & Fixes
  • Two unique sliders, instead of just one: Frame Rate and Animation Speed.
  • NestDrop will recognize a video feedback loop and provide more accuracy when using the Spout Sprite Alpha slider. Feedback loops were very delicate to control and this helps to tame it.
  • Rewrote how the Spout Sprite buttons were implemented. Fixed an issue with Spout Sprite buttons not being visible after loading a user profile.
  • Added a lock button to the “Number of Active Decks” slider so that it can be protected from an accidental click while performing.
  • If a Video Deck is disabled then those Deck sliders will also be hidden.
  • Select whether the auto-change uses an instant trigger or volume peak trigger.
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