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depends what you're aiming it to do / surplant (other than i've got blue seared into my tired eyes now).

as that's dumping a load of internal details about plug-ins which if it's for a reporting tool is going to cause a load more questions than it helps with e.g. address offsets mean nothing to most people. so just feels like a techy output which is fine if you know about such things and the workings of Winamp but not nooby users.

personally and if this is intended as the output from a reporting tool, then i think koopa's option is more suited than what's in the attachment (hence it being the recommended tool now that i've killed mine).

then again i'm sure some people will like having such low level details of things (even if they have no idea what it means and then expect to be told). but again it really comes down to what you're trying to achieve.
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