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FIX: winamp 5.2 "Killing" your iPod.

So I installed winamp 5.2 and it crashed when I hooked up my iPod. It was getting dark and I had to mow the lawn so I just grabbed my ipod and I was just going to listen to what was there. I hit shuffle songs and nothing happened. I looked and there were no songs on my "Haole." Then I went to Settings -> About. My ipod was full. So I read on the forums for a half hour and found this solution.

Open up windows explorer. Make sure you can see hidden folders.
Goto H:\iPod_Control\iTunes (H: is the drive letter of your iPod)
COPY iTunesDB.old to iTunesDB <- Please copy so you don't ruin your backup file.
Disconnect your iPod and enjoy.

I also suggest uninstalling 5.2 and reinstalling 5.13 and ml_iPod

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