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Originally posted by TakuSkan:

However I was still getting the error message while Winamp was processing its installation that athegn mentioned in his recent post.
"There was a problem installing components. CD Ripping/Burning may not function properly.. '-1'"
I just upgraded to Winamp v5.57 on my old Vista system and got this very same error message during installation that we were seeing in Windows 7.

Version 5.56 had originally gone in many months ago without the problem. But after uninstalling v5.57 and running the v5.56 installation again just now, I still got the error message.

Then I remembered I'd just upgraded Vista from SP1 to SP2 recently. It's the only thing I can think that might have caused this problem.

There was a 2nd error message while installing v5.57. I forget what it said specifically, but it ended up to be video related. While v5.57 did run and not freeze as v5.56 had done in Win7, I ended up getting several error popups trying to run Milkdrop as well as playing videos.

At least I'm not having video related problems after reinstalling v5.56. If anyone is interested, I can set up v5.57 in Vista again and report back on the specific error messages.

I thought this problem was only related to Windows 7 issues. Has anyone else encountered this in Vista?

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