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In some cases, changes to the library won't get written back to disk, usually when you uncheck the box at the bottom of the Ctrl+E dialog in the Media Library. But also for filetypes that don't support metadata editing (e.g. MOD/S3M).

File Time should be the same as the "last modified" time for the file in the file system. I will followup on Egg's observation that it doesn't seem to be the case.
Date Modified is the last time the entry was modified in the database. Actions like changing playcount or rating do not modify Date Modified
Date Added

I'll also investigate the default rules for the Recently Added view. However, I'm fairly sure we don't modify any existing views (just change the default rules for fresh installs), which might explain why it's still using File Time for you.

edit: I should read Egg's reply before replying myself as I've basically just repeated everything he said. I blame lack of sleep
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