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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
fine with me, although you injected it into this thread, and it seems from DrO's posts the two issues are related, (to some degree).
I added that I'm seeing the same thing (visual discrepancy) with the mp3 ID3v1 genre tag dialog that jph6t is seeing with his flacs in another part of the Alt+3 editor. You injected the side questions, which may or may not be related to the visual discrepancy. I also added a few OT comments related to a couple other posts in this thread (sorry, jph6t).

I'm willing to do whatever tests that I think are directly related to my issues, especially if a dev suggests them. I'm willing to do the same thing for the issues of others that I chose to get involved in.

I realize I could be wrong in what I think is directly related (but I trust my background and experience just like you do yours). I can live with being wrong from time to time. I need to draw a line somewhere, as I don't wish to spend the time doing anything and everything.

So I'm not so willing to go on 'witch hunts' looking for what may happen. As things come up, I deal with them as directly as I can. If you like doing these general tests that you think could be related, that's fine with me. The fact that you don't want to share your results until someone else does the same test and shares their results is not very helpful, imo. But, that's fine with me too.

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