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Real Player sucks and some help

I hate realplayer! It is the evil of winamp! Took over all audio files, but at least I figured out how to reassociate them with winamp.

For those trying to figure out how to reassociate audio with winamp 3 and are running XP (don't know if this works for other versions of windows, but you can try)here are the instructions:
1. right click on media file taken over by realplayerand click on properties
2. In the "general" tab under click on the "change" buttion in the "type of file" section
3. In the window that pops up select winamp3 from the list and click ok
4. click apply in the properties window
5. The type of audio you selected should now be associated with winamp 3
(note: this procedure has to be done for each meda type including playlists)

hope this helps

ps. if anyone knows how to keep realplayer from opening shoutcast stations please respond
thanks eveyone and happy winamping
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