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Yeah it is kindof an exploit in IE.. I am not sure if SP2 fixes this problem. However, I think it is a bit of an exploit on behalf of Winamp in that it allows all files contained within a .zip file to be copied to the local machine to a predictable location without prompts. This could be exploited in quite a number of ways...

Just restricting .exes wont fix it either, as .htas, .js, .bat etc could be abused too. Even .htm files can be dangerous when run from the local machine.

EDIT: I realised it doesnt put it in a predictable location, as it is extracted to a random temp directory. But nonetheless, downloading and saving arbritrary files to the local machine without prompting is not a terribly good idea.

As for below: You cannot inspect a .wsz file before it is downloaded and used. IE automatically downloads it and sends it to Winamp without any prompts, which then automatically extracts it and 'executes' it.

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