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Originally posted by Phat
"but there are a few that look similar"

Yea, I but you have something like 14 different Harlequin remixes currently bundled.

And these have already been downloaded THOUSANDS of times. (maybe even millions I don't know the stats)

How about letting the people that still actively post presets take a little more dominance?
Obviously you have misubderstood my post entirely.

Yes there are some that are similar in the existing install in there and like I said there will be some that will be trimmed. There are many of mine that I want to remove.

No-one is saying that you should not be included in the install you seem to make out this is the case.

If there are say 400 presets or so in the new install and you have 60 of them that is a significant chunk of them.

I didn't see people like Aderrasi complaining that he had only 1 or 2 in the install of MilkDrop when he posted hundreds of them here many of them very good.

You will be fully represented please don't make that you will not be.

Krash beat code is many presets and AFAIK he doesn't request recognition for this in them. I class nearly all of those presets 100+ presets with your stamp on them.

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