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Maybe i don't have a saying on this, since noone asked me to trim my stuff but i feel i must say some things...

first of all I find it meaningless trying to reduce the number of new presets when some have been included over and over again. As CraigF said, noone loses presets they already had, they just get more. I also like to see that rules apply to either all or noone, but some people just post more presets than others, can't help it... phat and eos had the courtesy to include stuff with other authors' names on them too; since you're asking them to reduce the number, the only reasonable thing for them to do (imo) would be to remove all that stuff and just include theirs. (i suppose that's what i'd do) I don't see how leaving great stuff out (in the name of a measly hundred kilobytes) is any good for MD.

Originally posted by Rovastar:
"I would like to see MD run on a say 1Ghz machine with a GF3 in with a reasonable speed. It is all about balance. "

Have you seen what AVS (with its bundled stuff) looks like on my 2.4ghz/RADEON9800? (You don't want to!)
Do we have to force our presets to mediocre so that they run decently on a dated pc?

I'm not trying to kick anyone out, or make myself a name with someone else's glory. I've only written no more than ~40 presets for v1.04 and i'd like to see my stuff in there just as much as anyone else but I reassure you, I won't think about it twice if i don't!

The idea here is to promote MD, and honestly, i don't see how shipping it with a ton of stuff for v1.01 is any kind of promotion! I unbderstand that there are rules to be respected, but if you want to show someone what MD can do TODAY, this is your stuff!

oh, and i don't get that money comment either!
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