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Originally posted by DJ Egg

@ Rovastar

So you (and everyone else here) agree that your of the original presets should still be included, but all the other ones should be removed from the default distro, yes?
I think they should for history and all that, also it can help newcomers to MilkDrop to start with soem basic ones and then grow into something more complex.

Also they are small in size and I know some might say size doesn't matter.....but Ryan was told by Nullsoft in the past that he had to keep the size down.....

The trimmed ones average about 1-2KB a preset whereas new ones average a lot more over 10-15KB (even up to 30KB) (due to more stuff goinmg off and the way they are saved in 1.04)

I was going to add a few newer ones of mine maybe if I get time in the next hour or so. If not in the next release.

Additionaly have all the Milkdrop docuimentation & ini files been added? They have been missing of the last year.......
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