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aac shoutcast player

Originally Posted by Smelter View Post
Thundersnow still rules all shoutcast player wannabees. :lol
Hi Smelter,

Nice to meet you here, just curious if you are from so obviously your are the guy behind the thundersnow project by which I can call it as "ingenious project" you rule it man!.

Sorry maybe now is my chance to ask this question as I cannot find it anywhere to ask , latest version of Adobe Flash player is a bit buggy and SoundMixer.computeSpectrum does not work even the policy file has been served correctly so I plan to get the spectrum directly from the raw data of ByteArray which is came from your Transcoder Class of thebitstream, so my question is; are those data from ByteArray is similar to computespectrum? or still unprocessed AAC raw?

do you have any suggestion on how to extract audio peak values or VU meter from those raw data?, if you can make me a working example I'll be happy to pay for your effort if you require.

best regards
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