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Originally posted by sdbarker
Yeah, saving a mouse click. But when you have twenty different versions to build, that's 20 mouse clicks, plus the time to make them all and such.
So, we're talking about making things faster and easier?
OK, I've just implemented a "make all" functionality, compiling all your configurations with one mouseclick
But I am curious: what kind of project needs 20 different configurations?


Using different builds of NSIS is good because I have custom versions of it. For example, right now, I have the standard build, the bz2 build, and two other builds that I use for various software distributions that don't have some of the features compiled into them that I never use, so that it makes my software distribution smaller.
How many bytes you can save with your selfmade compilers?
But its OK, you shall have your custom compiler option for every configuration in the next release (its already implemented).
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