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Ok. Here's the latest.
Downloaded your new v0.3. Copied the CLR.dll to my NSIS\Plugins folder and insured that CLR.dll exists no where else. Compiled and ran the test script and it returned the dll file name again.

So, took the code from the zip file, converted the vcproj file to work in VS2005 (changed version to 8.00 and removed the MinFrameworkVersion attribute from the AssemblyReference tags), opened the vcproj in VS2005 and compiled it. Insured the new CLR.dll was in the plugins folder and built and ran the test the right result back from the .NET function called!!! However, the DLL was left behind in $PLUGINSDIR again.

So, opened up a virtual machine of mine and installed VS C++ 2008 Express, loaded the unaltered code from the zip file, compiled it. Moved it to NSIS\Plugins, built and ran the test script and got the same result as in Test Scenario 1 above, the dll filename was returned.

BTW Thanks for working on this one as much as you are. It has some great value. I will use the one I built in Scenario 2 for now, but look forward to any advancements you make.
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