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I know that this thread is old and asleep... but...

You didn't specifically, clearly say that you have tested the other visualizers in WinAmp and that they are NOT able to perform the function you're talking about. I may be wrong, but that behavior sounds more like something that the host (WinAmp) and not the plug-in (MD) would be responsible for.

You definitely pose an interesting question! I know exactly what you're talking about and it is super annoying!

Have you thought about approaching this from a different angle?
Like some program that restricts the mouse from the "Show Desktop" button & immediate area? I am pretty sure AutoHotKey can manage this. I had a little app written in AHK that would "wrap" my mouse from one the right side of my right-most monitor to the left side of my left-most monitor. I recall there being a way to specify at which pixel 'column' the cursor would transition. If you set that before the "show desktop" button, then that would solve your problem... You could even set it up in AHK so that it was only active if/when your media player was playing...
You would obviously lose all access to that portion of your monitor- but that seems like a fair trade off...

A while back I found a little program that let you "fence off" a corner or side of the screen that the cursor couldn't enter. If I ever remember what it was called I'll post it.
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