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Thank you for posting. To clarify what the goal is:
I wish to make just the media player be immune from being minimized.

If I could explain to the author of the media player how this could be done (just like Milkdrop can do this), I believe he would implement this feature. The media player freeware is Daum Potplayer.

So when I use it to play video, I play it on a second monitor (big screen TV) which is being watched by someone else. And the goal is to allow someone else to watch it without interrupting their watching through the use of the minimize Windows function which I need to use for everything else on the main monitor. Hope that's not to confusing.

I would also like to make the internet browser window temporarily pinned in full screen and immune to being minimized.

But at the same time *all* other windows are still being minimized. So the goal is not to turn the feature off. Just turn it off for a specific active window.
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