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Originally posted by kichik
You should.
I meant to include it as a built-in part of the nsDialogs. I could include it with my own nsDialogs.nsh file, but I'd just overwrite it the next time I updated to a newer official version.

Also, I think the community would benefit by having all the RichEdit particulars figured out in the nsDialogs.nsh.

I didn't mean to belittle your work.

If you were implying that I should do the work, then I would be glad to. I have just a couple of questions, though:

1. On what version of nsDialogs.nsh do I base my work? The latest svn version, or the latest "stable" version?

2. In what form do I post the results? A patch file or the full file?

3. Where do I post the results? Here, or is there another NSIS developer forum?
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