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Win XP mode is not just dependent on cpu speed and memory. The CPU has to support it, and just owning a Core 2 Duo / Quad is not enough. In fact, I have a C2D E7300 and it does not support hardware virtualization.

Ratings are very important to me so I just want to make sure.

I think the probability of something going wrong isn't too high, but it's still a risk. I'm just anal in the way that I gather all my info beforehand... My PC is kind of the center of everything so I need to have something to fall back on, while at the same time avoiding hours doing something only to discover it won't work and then spending hours going back.

I'm going to try and restore these backups on to another pc/hdd and we'll see.

I hope that the files created by Windows Easy Transfer don't get deleted after being restored. That way I can use WET to restore it on a test device and then if all goes well, follow through.

Honestly though, I've read that MediaPortal has issues win 64 bit Win 7, and that is just as important as Winamp because it handles all my movies and TV shows.

Although, during my testing, I'm going to see if Windows Media Center is sufficient for me. I actually didn't mind the 2005 version. It wasn't as good as MediaPortal, but it was good enough for me.

Thank you to every one who responded!

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