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OK, after doing some looking around in the forums, it seems that some are reporting issues with Winamp 5.61 and AVS with Windows 7. Here are a couple suggestions...
  • Try disabling the overlay and alpha blending modes.
    Right click in a AVS window as you would to select a preset. Then select AVS Editor from the context/pop-up menu. In the editor Window select Settings > Display, uncheck 'Enable' in the 'Alpha Blending' box and 'Overlay Mode' in the 'Overlay Mode' box. Then select Settings > Fullscreen and uncheck 'Use fullscreen overlay mode'. Close out of the AVS editor
  • Some users have suggested disabling Aero or instead just disable for Winamp. (disable Aero for a specific application)

I have moved this to the AVS section of the forums Where you can (hopefully) get some more authoritative answers.
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