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Paging DrO


So Im going over the new ultravox framing and stuff for broadcasters.

2 things...

When it says to send the version in the cipher request, it doesnt say what format that '2.1.' is supposed to be in.

Second is the description of the frame format in that particular table is not easy the first time around.

Explicitly describe the version payload format. and "[16 bit msg length - first half] [16 bit msg length - second half]" makes it sound like 32 bit payload length. The header row of the table confuses one to think if the numbers are the item or the byte position.

Can you give a hand in the language of your choice , to show anything about framing ? Is there a simple method that you can show a serialization into a byte array?

I believe my bitstream writer may be outputting the 4/12 bit combination in byte order 4-3 instead of 3-4. I think Im accidentally writing the first 4 bits in the low. Im goina try putting the 4 bits in the high, followed by 12 bits. NSV bit encoding was opposite.
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