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you're being melodramatic as others have implemented support based on that without input from us. sure the layout isn't how you like it but that's all there was and that's what i put up as funnily enough there aren't countless free hours to make everything all nice for everyone's different needs. and as things have now changed, i don't have the time to review the page (yes i said i would but hey ho that's what you get) so it's back on the bottom of the todo list as getting a newer DNAS (and everything else being worked on be it SHOUTcast or Winamp) out the door is more beneficial than doing that sort of doc update.

the format of the auth string is (spaces added to make it clearer):

2.1 : 1 (or the desired stream id) : <XTEA_username> : <XTEA_password>

with the username being optional in most cases unless connecting as a v2 DJ to sc_trans (or something like it with DJ support). though it's possible the DNAS will also refuse the connection if that is specified with the current build (but is changed in the next release since we can make use of it instead of some of the legacy aim, irc fields).
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