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THanks DrO.

That is the only thing I wanted to know. What the hell was an 'Auth blob'.

Confirming that the 'Auth blob'= xtea password and not an amalgamation is a positive step.

If I use the wiki, xtea encoding 'andy' with 'foobar' yields 504933160941eb02 . It decodes into 'andy' just fine, yet the sc_serv rejects with 'bad password' so then Im doing something stoooopid with c++.

You have been a great help. Can you tell what I did wrong in your environment to produce '504933160941eb02' for 'andy' ? im using the xtea wiki code, and that is the std::string it produces.

Thanks again. If I can join the wiki I'll update the patern descriptors. Its very close to what my doc has but enough of a difference.

Didnt mean to piss ya off, just pointing out my own frustrations at my attempts to pick up uvox protocol. defining auth blob , is a big deal. I realize that it takes different forms for different protocols.
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