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horizontal volume bar

Here comes the fixed volume bar.
  1. Add these three elements to player-elements.xml:
    PHP Code:
    <bitmap id="player.anim.volume" file="player/volbar-chameleon.png"/>
    bitmap id="" file="player/volmap-samewidth.png"/>
    bitmap id="hidden.thumb" file="player/hiddenthumb.png"/> 
  2. In player-normal-group.xml, replace what is between <groupdef id="volume"> and </groupdef> with the following tags (note the additional Slider tag):
    PHP Code:
    ="VolumeAnim" image="player.anim.volume"
    x="0" y="0" w="107" h="5" move="0" tooltip="Volume"
    autoplay="0" autoreplay="0"
    x="0" y="0" w="107" h="5"
    thumb="hidden.thumb" downThumb="hidden.thumb"
    script id="justvolume" file="scripts/justvolume.maki"/> 
    The position and size of the Slider should be the same as the position and size of the AnimatedLayer.

  3. Copy the attached png's into the Player folder.

    The size of volmap-samewidth.png should be the same as the size of the AnimatedLayer.

    The width of volbar-chameleon.png should be the same as the length of the AnimatedLayer.

    volbar-chameleon.png contains the movie frames for the volume animation. The size of each frame is the same as the size of the AnimatedLayer.

  4. Copy the fixed justvolume.m and the fixed justvolume.maki into the scripts folder.
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