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Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
How many layouts do you have and what do they look like?

No problem. Do you still have song title in one line and author+album in another? Or do you now have a single song ticker with author - title - song length?

What exactly do you want to display in the song information line? Elapsed time? You already have it to the left of the seeker. Or perhaps the percentage of the song length at the selected position?

How about volume change? Do you also want to display it in the song information line?
Woow... Long time away, let's resume (and happy to see you're still here).

The issue for the display in songticker is that when you seek through a song, the amount is, If I'm not mistaken, first correlated to the smoothness given by the graphic steps and second by the approximation of what one wants to achieve. (I hope to be understandable...).

Of course, one can use the left/right arrow key for a given amount of displacement but only suitable for short ones.
My idea was to monitor the exact position when hoping a substantial amount of time (I regularly download 2h30 music files) and of course a well populated graphic file.

For the layouts, I'll use 4 of them :

Maybe a 4th one, more compact and a 5th one for the stick mode
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