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[ml_autotag] More control over how Autotag finds tags

There are several types of albums out there...
Studio albums, Compilation Albums, Collections (eg "Best of the 80's), Singles, Promos

The problem:
I for one, am sick of the auto-tagger constantly inserting non-studio albums.

Examples of non-studio albums:
"Now that's what I call music" or "Golden 80's Collection" or "Greatest hits" or "Best of...", etc...
Even when I partially tag a song with the correct studio album, it still sometimes goes back to these albums in the auto-tagger.

What is needed:
It would be great if we could have more control over how Autotag finds it's matches and/or what it defines a suitable match.

How the interface may work:
I understand that the Gracenote database and/or the current auto-tagger which Winamp uses for its tags may have some limitations
The ability to blacklist or have certain words in certain tags would be a start. That way, you could at least blacklist the words "Best of" or "Greatest" for the "Album" tag.

Why this would be great:
When you watch music videos on TV or on a Karaoke machine, all the songs either have their studio/original album name, or no album name at all. That is what I am trying to achieve, and at the moment, the only real way to do this is to cross-reference Wikipedia.

Having proper tags also means that tracks have their proper information, such as "year" and their proper album art can be associated.

If you agree:
Please comment and bump this if you agree with me so a dev can see it.

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