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Originally posted by abu
Very interesting. Didn't know that there is samba available for the iPhone.

One problem all solutions have in common: You need to disable auto-lock manually.

I would like to have a way to disable autolock while syncing, without user interaction. Maybe we just need to stop a certain app on the phone (kill -STOP...), but I don't know. I asked that on the iPhone dev forum, no answer. So if anybody could help out here? maybe if you are active in the freenode channels, ask there...
Using the terminal client I can use ps -A and find the lockd process. I can also use kill -9 <pid> to kill it. Isn't that what you were looking for?

You could, in fact, create a tiny daemon that just looks for the presence of a key file somewhere in the filesystem. When found, determine the pid of lockd and kill it, then remove the key file that triggered the action. You could even have another, different, key file that could be used to restart lockd when syncing was completed.
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