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Webradio with 2 speakers

Hi there,

I would like to make a webradio (for one night only) with 2 different speakers, living in 2 different towns, and I would like to know if it's possible and how...

I have a dedicated server where is installed the shoutcast server. I can use Winamp or Virtual DJ (I'll probably use VDJ).

I would like to animate this special night with 2 speakers (one of them will make th DJ too), but there are at 800 kms from one to the other... Is it possible for them to connect to the shoutcast server at te same time for talking in the radio, and have discussions together?

I tested the server, all seems to work properly, but there's a big delay from when the music starts and when the users hear it (between 60-90 sec), so I wonder how it is possible to have 2 different speakers...

Thanks so much for your answers!

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