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transcoding FLAC to MP4aac to android not working with playlists

I just installed winamp as a means of syncing music to my android phone. My music library is stored as FLAC, and I've set the options to transcode from FLAC to MP4AAC VBR to the phone. I think the MP3 one doesn't work in the free winamp, but MP4 seems to.

I am able to select songs and albums and RMB->Send To:--> phone and it all works fine (unless it crashes, my next forum topic). However, if I select one of my existing playlists and try to RMB->send to:->phone, I get the 'Some of these tracks were of an incompatible format' error message.

What is the difference between syncing from the song out of the library and syncing from a playlist?

This is a brand new install, the only plug I installed was the one to generate the plugin list

Version 5.63

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