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Likewise - None of the above seems to work for me playing cd-r discs (burned as audio discs)

The track breaks are in the middle of music (long jams) and I can't get rid of that 1 sec gap between tracks.

I got the latest version wnaspi32 from Nero 6 and put it in the winamp folder. Deleted all other wnaspi32.dll files that I could find. Tried all the settings above except for:

"You can also try checkmarking "allow hardware acceleration" in:
Prefs -> Plugins -> Output -> DirectSound -> config -> Device tab.
Also try changing the device to AC'97 sound chip driver (c/o dropdown menu)"

For whatever reason the "allow hardware acceleration" option is grayed out. And I'm not clear on how to change the devise to AC'97 - what is "c/o dropdown menu"?

I have a dell desktop, windows 2000/NT, 250 mb RAM.

I love the AVS in winamp but I always end up playing my discs in the cdplayer.exe that comes with Windows since it doesn't put gaps between the tracks.

Thanks for any help!

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