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Hi, I just finished some experiments:

- Global Volume adjustment:
Unfortunately the iPod treats it the same way as the replay gain: first the eq is applied, which leads to distortion, afterwards, the setting from the glob.vol.adj. is applied which leads to a silent but still distorted sound.
So this won't help

- EQ settings from itunes:
Obviously the factory eq presets are transfered to the iPod while the user-created ones are NOT transfered or the iPod cannot interprete them.
When factory eq presets were defined with itunes for a song, the iPod recognizes it and overrules the eq setting you have done in your iPods extra menu. However when a customized preset is defined for a song, the iPod simply applies what you have configured in your iPods extra menu. Thus the iPod cannot handle customized eq presets.
So this won't help too

So up to now, mp3gain seems to be the only solution to having a nice eq setting without distortion (the other solution would be to use another mp3-player but that's another story )

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