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I have a common 270 and 30-06 that will do everything I want in terms of distance shooting - no bipod necessary; a tree branch does just fine - gets me a buck and a doe each fall for good meat and that's about all I need.

As far as self-protection is concerned, I don't use rifles since they require aiming, and if someone breaks into my house when I'm sleeping I will be incapable of good aim as it would likely be too dark for a scope, and it would be too quick for a good shot. So, I keep the shotgun nearby, so that for every pull of the trigger, I have between 200-400 chances to hit the person. I have an old .22 pistol laying around here somewhere but I don't really think I'd bother with that if my life was in danger. It's main use is to shoot poisonous snakes if I encounter them while hunting where there's a danger of snakebite. Last thing I need is to run to the hospital or vets because of snakebite to me or a dog...

I tend to think that simply throwing an office chair down the steps at the guy would work better than guns anyway, but if I have to, I will resort to firearms.

Hell, even the .22LR pea shooter is decent at long range.

Today's purchase:

Only one dollar at a flea market, but it was rusty, so I ran some sandpaper over it and put it through the sharpener a few times and it's ready to go. It's 16 inches (41 cm)(handle included) long and rather heavy. Takes a rabbit's head or a deer's leg off in one light swing.

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