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If you know anything about Linux administration, would a VPS be an option?

- Managed WordPress hosting means the hosting provider sets up the software themselves. You need to make sure the service meets your needs.

- Shared hosting means you upload the PHP code to your account, and one should note not all shared hosts support HTTPS protection, so your password could be at risk like it is in this forum. Shared hosting means you are sharing resources with other users, so performance can be potentially quite slow if the service is too much oversold.

- VPS hosting means you have a virtual machine to host on, with a dedicated IP address. You are responsible for all the software on it, keeping it up to date, etc. That said, you have a choice in web server software (Apache, Nginx, etc.), and thanks to Let's Encrypt you are guaranteed to be able to get free HTTPS. To set up WordPress on one of these systems you need PHP (7.0 or higher recommended) and an SQL server like MySQL or MariaDB. If you are concerned about performance you want to avoid those cut-rate OpenVZ services, they are often oversold and part of the RAM allotment (known as burstable RAM) is shared with other customers and the host can kill processes to ensure customers get their guaranteed RAM.
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