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with avs I will tell you how to make a very simply avs preset

load your winamp up
pick a good tune or album, for me its dance
go to options then preferences
find plugins then Visualizations

start it
then winamp AVS editor will open up

now here is the fun
where you see a + sign
click it and you will have a drop down options of fxs
go to Render then pick Text

Now when you do text make sure you have both colours not black, the black turns everything black

anyways say one colour white and the one below say dark blue
and use any style of text size and bold or what every you want

now you see the text at the bottom, type your name
you will see it in the editor inthe colours you have selected

now add the blur fx (example Tran then blur and add how much you want

and lets add say Bump

which is in Tran section also

and add how much you want of the bump fx

this is what you should have selected now in your editor


ok now you can save that for a basic on or add more fxs like say movement in Tran section and pick what ever you feel right


easy enough

if you still need help just ask me and I will try and help more

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