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How to rename/convert a .zip file to .wsz

All you have to is to rename the file(s) extension from .zip to .wsz. However, by default Windows 98 hides the file extensions of all known files, so what you see in your folders are files with their given names only, without the extension.

To view the fullname (file name and file extension), you must enable this function first, so you will be able to rename the file extension directly. TO enable this, open any Windows Explorer Window first, then go to 'View' from the menu bar and select/click 'Folder Options...'.

The 'Folder Options' preference window will open up. Select the 'View' tab,
locate the 'Hide file extensions for known file types' and uncheck it (disable it).

Once you do that, press OK from below and the window will close, thus enabling you to view the file name as well as the file extensions of all registered (known) files; .mp3, .zip, .bmp, .txt, .wav, .jpg etc...

Now you can go and rename the file extensions of any file directly. Say you created a winamp skin and have already zipped all the needed files into 1 zip file and now you need to rename the .zip file to .wsz. To do this, you can either right click on the select file and choose 'Rename' from the menu or easier you can select the file and press the 'F2' button, both ways will let you edit the file name.

You may now delete the 'zip' extension and type in 'wsz' as the new extension. When done press 'Enter'. You may then get a warning prompt from Windows asking you if you really want to rename the file to what you have just renamed to... Select 'Yes'.

Once you have done that, your file will be renamed. The file icon will now be changed from the 'zip' icon to the 'Winamp skin' icon... By double clicking on a .wsz (Winamp Skin Zipped), the Winamp skin is automatically installed into your "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\" directory and the skin also automatically becomes your Winamp default skin (Winamp may load when you install a new skin).

That's all folks concerning how to rename file extensions under Windows 98 and renaming compressed files (Winzip files etc) from .zip to .wsz; which is the extension for zipped Winamp skin files.

I hope this tutorial has answered all your questions about renaming file extensions and "converting" zip files to wsz files completely...

Have a nice day !
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