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Coninuing from before with more additional information...

Another way to change the file extension

If you are some one like me and doesn't like to have the file extension viewable at all times, you may download and install a program that will allow you to rename file extensions and other attributes, without having to disable the 'Hide file extensions for known file types' option.

I recommend using Properties Plus. PropertiesPlus is a Windows Explorer add-on that provides a menu for modifying attributes, extensions, and time stamps of a single file, multiple files, or files contained within a folder.
So when you want to change the extension of a zip file to wsz, you right click the file, go to properties plus tab and then edit the file extension, press ok.... Easy and fast !

It's good for batch editing attributes as well !!

Get it from the following link:

Trust me, this is an awesome program !!! You can select thousands of files and change all their attributes in no time with just a single click !
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