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A list of AVS Tutorials

If you are looking for tutorials and self-help for AVS here are a list of sources:

AVS for Winamp: Tutorial by pIR
AVS Primer by Atero
AVS Programming guide by PAK-9
Introduction to some effects by Tuomas
libSuperScope by ChaTo

AVS for Winamp: Tutorial
A comprehensive tutorial written by Pierre Charpenay (pIR), it covers most aspects of AVS including using the editor and descriptions of the available effects. It also contains a summary of the AVS programming language, described as an extended version of the expression help.

AVS Primer
A series of AVS presets containing comments about the individual effects in AVS, as well as a series of text files describing the operation of AVS and its programming language.

AVS Programming guide
A guide to the AVS programming language written by PAK-9 (me!) including walkthrough examples of programming in AVS and exercises. Includes how to program superscopes, dynamic movements, the triangle APE, megabuf etc...

Introduction to some effects
A guide to programming simple effects in the SuperScope, Movement and Dynamic Distance Modifier written by Tuomas Kinnunen (hosted on visbot)

A library of equations for drawing shapes with a SuperScope, including comments describing the scopes. The web page also contains 'AVS Preschool' a series of slides about the superscope.

A rather old guide to creating 3D superscopes in AVS by frank nagel (hosted on visbot)

If you need help with a specific problem search the forums or post a new thread in the AVS Troubleshooting subforum.


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