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forget about the color, i know it's impossible and was a stupid question. and i figured out how to make sure it was only music; i guess neFAST must have forgot to include a type=0 in the final query that enqueues the files. also forget the above posted problem on meta data. i understand now that AW already uses the ML item data, and though it still seems a bit slow, i guess that's Winamp's fault?

i still need help with being able to stop the script. I'm hoping for a solution that won't cause the script to stop being self-contained. is there a way to place a trigger in the Scripts menu? the trigger could set a value that everything else could hinge on. that way i could make it a startup script; this would probably be ideal. another solution i imagined was if there were an event that could be triggered by clearing the playlist. so when someone didn't want to party shuffle anymore they could simply clear the playlist and the script would quit. it's fairly intuitive and would allow the script to remain a playlist script. it's not an overly common PL editor event so perhaps it could be worked in? another option is stoping it from another script. it seems odd to me to be able to call scripts but not terminate them from another. also i'd like to suggest that the script:// playlist item have an "endscript://" counterpart.

one last thing i'd like to know is if anyone can think of a better way to narrow down a query to only single instances of artists. this would make randomizing based on artist easier. neFAST's method involved only artists with trackno = 1, but naturally, not all artists in a song library will have a track 1.

Request: A little SmartView Query Language love.

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