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Yes stopping scripts is a bit of a pain, you can terminate a script from the ActiveWinamp preferences window which lists running scripts. Alternatively, you can hook the end of playback / stop event and quit then. But I do intend to have a sub menu which lists the running scripts so you can terminate them easily, or something like that.

ActiveWinamp should automatically take the info from the ML if it is available, and will load the ML if it isn't loaded.

The reason your script is slow is because you are doing a ML query in a loop. ML queries are very slow. You are better off doing one query, and loading everything you need into a dictionary and index out of that. There are a few examples floating around using the dictionary object. You can then do a query of "" and get all items in your ML, and just load the dictionary object using the artist as an index. Theres a few examples of this on the AW wiki.

The runquery stuff has changed a bit from the version on the plugin page and the version in the CVS. The one in the CVS does a keyword search by default, the one on the plugin page does a query search. To do a query search in the CVS version just prefix '?' to the query.
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