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I dont think Winamp has a 'playlist cleared' event notification. You can hook buttons and what not, but thats a pretty crap way to do things. The truth is, Winamps API model is pretty shit.

I didnt want to add too many events and script management stuff, 'cause its not really a good idea to hook events with script. I dont recommend using scripts that run in the background, I dont think its quite robust or efficient enough for that. AW is really just intended to automate simple tasks like fixing up ratings and playcounts in your media library, generating pretty HTML playlist files, exporting/importing data around, enqueing a list of files from a txt file stored on a ftp site, downloading cover art, creating playlists based on stats in the ml, out of process access to Winamp and the ML etc. Just mainly to automate and easily customise things that run through once, instead of having to write lots of little plugins that perform really simple functions.

Some things are difficult to do in Winamp even with a stand alone plugin. Working with events, shuffling, playlist order overriding etc, cannot be done very elegantly in Winamp, with or without AW.
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