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hmm. well, a date-based randomize would make it truely random since the same date and time never occur twice..

as for the testing, i don't know why with 20000 it would function any differently than it does with 9000 (maybe it has something to do with a central tendancy, and with a larger library the centre is a lot broader) but with 9000 i'm getting the same song(s) several times within an hour.

to recreate what i'm seeing, all you have to do is press the next button for awhile, watch the songs as they go by.. by doing this i see the same songs coming up occasionally.. so, i don't know what to tell you.

if you heard even the same song more than once in your day of testing, then the random isn't very good, since 20000 songs translates to about 60+ days of music. meaning idealy you wouldn't hear a song again until 60(ish) days after it is played.

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