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Winamp 5.5 Beta Preview 2 (1568) to Beta Preview 3 (1600) changelog

* = 5.36/5.5 Beta-specific changes

-New: Option to set the number of lines to scroll in the Playlist

-New: Redesigned Installer (incomplete)

-New: Run Setup switch, winamp.exe /REG=S

-New: Winamp Toolbar for Internet Explorer (optional)

-Improved: Made ATF %rating% changes update in the playlist for non-playing tracks

-Improved: AlbumArt now also finds 'scene' artwork by looking for an image with the same base filename as an .nfo file in the same directory*

-Improved: [gen_ff] Support for antialias fonts from Winamp3 skins

-Improved: [ml_autotag] Added AlbumArtist, Publisher, Composer & BPM fields to UI results*

-Improved: [ml_local] Added hover/click ratings setting to art details view*

-Improved: Bento skin - larger player, buttons & text; slightly lighter themes; player is now horizontally resizable; added beatvis for player when stretched; plus other tweaks/enhancements*

-Fixed: Bento skin / winamp.exe / gen_ff - detached ml window glitch when switching from another skin with ml & vid/vis windows open; ml sometimes not filling entire tab at startup; weird artefacts on desktop when moving or minimizing/restoring*

-Fixed 'Add Folder/URL' dialogs saying 'Open' instead of 'Add'*

-Fixed: 'All supported files' showing all filetypes in Open Files dialog

-Fixed: Crash when attempting to view some PNG/GIF coverart in Alt+3 Editor*

-Fixed: Crash when clicking the "Delete All" button in the Advanced tab of File Info for Vorbis files*

-Fixed: Custom Genre not being saved for MP3 when typed into ID3v2 tab of File Info*

-Fixed: 'Files of type' drop-down selection is broken in the Add/Open Files Dialog*

-Fixed: If Genre is empty, it remains empty after using File Info Auto-Tagger*

-Fixed: Ratings menu in the playlist editor not showing the current rating in localised versions*

-Fixed: Sidecar showing when going fullscreen (for online services video streams)

-Fixed: Winamp Modern songticker: padding issues & winshade shadow on first/last char*

-Fixed: Various crashes based on bug reports sent by Error Feedback (albumart cache, ml scrollbars, pmp directplayback server, ml_autotag, etc)*

-Fixed: [gen_ml] Random weird bold font glitch in Local Media views (if you still see this, then it is caused by a 3rd-party plugin, eg. in_zip)*

-Fixed: [gen_ml] Shift+Insert (New Playlist) and F1 (Help) keyboard shortcuts

-Fixed: [in_mp3] Handling of ID3v2.4 "Data length indicator" flag (resolves issue where embedded albumart wasn't showing due to notorious unsynchronisation issue with some other players)*

-Fixed: [in_mp3] Re-checking 'Use Lyrics3' in File Info also re-checks 'Use ID3v2' etc*

-Fixed: [in_wm] Can't delete wma file in Explorer after viewing File Info (Alt+3)*

-Fixed: [ml_local] Font not updating when disabling 'use same font as playlist' setting*

-Fixed: [ml_local] Column immediately to the left of Rating doesn't remember resize changes after switching views*

-Fixed: [ml_local] Tracks pane divider for Simple Album view not draggable*

-Fixed: [ml_autotag] Mass Auto-Tagger sometimes might come up with mismatched results (eg. titles are the same or mixed up for different tracks on same album)*

-Fixed: [ml_playlists] assign focus back to the media library treeview after the "delete playlist" popup*

-Fixed: [ml_plg] Playlist Generator config: 1) 'Playlist Length' field allows text input 2) 'Reset Database' confirmation dialog*

-Fixed: [ml_plg] Multiple "Playlist Generator failed to Initialize" error messages on Winamp startup, when Gracnote/plg database is corrupt*

-Fixed: [ml_wire] Fixed some minor reported bugs/issues*

-Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Creating artwork and device folders correctly, crash when disconnecting ipod during GetiPodInfo, crash when reading playcounts file*

-Fixed: [out_ds] Error messages not being generated correctly*

-Misc: Bento skin: Updated Winamp Classic & Winamp Modern themes (again). Fixed typos in About box. Fixed notifier end-parenthesis truncation*

-Misc: Bento skin: Added 'Go Pro' menu item (will be hidden for Pro reg'd users in 5.5 Final)*

-Misc: Added dlmgr.w5s to installer (Bento Browser/Media Monitor Download Manager)*

-Misc: Added 'for older skins' note to 'use internal freetype font renderer' setting (Prefs > Modern Skins > Font Rendering)

-Misc: Installer: Is now hard-coded to save settings to the User Profile %AppData%\Winamp folder on all clean installs, or if paths.ini already exists on upgrades. Otherwise, if no paths.ini exists, it will respect current settings on upgrades and still save settings to the %ProgramFiles%\Winamp folder (inidir = installdir), except for on Vista where settings are always stored in %AppData%. Naturally, if user has created their own custom paths.ini then this will also still be respected (eg. if existing paths.ini points to some custom user folder and includes other params). Also note that a create/merge multi-user type options tool is hopefully planned for 5.5 Final.

-Misc: Installer: out_ds is now default Output, out_wave made optional and in Full installers only (out_ds also made default in Winamp, eg. if deleting winamp.ini)

-Misc: [in_midi] Prefs cleanup & now remembers last selected tab

-Misc: [in_mp3] Tidied up prefs where deprecated 'priority' setting was removed, and now remembers last selected tab

-Misc: [in_vorbis] Removed deprecated settings from config, changed to single-page layout

-Misc: [in_wm] Added a small NULL check

-Misc: [ml_local] Made "Use Artist as Album Artist" option default to on

-Misc: [ml_local] Average album rating now rounds up/down based on .5 mark*

-Misc: [ml_wire] Renamed Podcasts root view to Podcast Directory

-Reverted: DWM Thumbnails & Flip3D support for Modern skins in Vista (disabled for now, as it was causing too many problems/crashes). We eventually hope to find a better solution*

-Updated: Winamp Bento v0.9 #105

-Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v0.99.1f b428 'dev' (was v0.99.1d b425 'dev' in last beta)


Extra Notes

For the new installer, you can create skininfo.xml and put it inside Classic skins for preview images on the 'Choose Skin' page, eg.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<version>Version # here</version>
<name>Skin Name here</name>
<author>Author's Name here</author>
<comment>Comments go here</comment>
<email>optional email address</email>
<homepage>optional homepage url</homepage>

Naturally, screenshot.png (178 x 75) also needs to be included inside the skin.

For Modern skins, refer to skin.xml in the Winamp Bento and Winamp Modern folders.


Re: Player fonts looking different in some 3rd-party modern skins

Improved: [gen_ff] Support for antialias fonts from Winamp3 skins

This is actually by design. Skins can manually specify to not anti-alias fonts. Winamp3 supported this, but Winamp 5 has ignored this attribute until now. If it bothers you that much, extract the .wal file, and search the xml files for "antialias" and change the ="0" to ="1"

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