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Nice build

I want to report two (possible) bugs here, both in the Bento skin.

1. There is a shadow for the timer in the Main Window... So I can see half of the timer numbers "under" the timer (if you understand me).. Maybe it should be like this (its cool though), but Ill post it anyway since it may be a bug...
Do you want a screenshot?

2. This may not be so important, but Ill post it anyway... Look at the songticker in the Bento skin (when using "Classic" scroller style)..
Sometimes, the text stops a half second - Something like a "kick"... (This is NOT the same issue as the lag in the Modern Skin earlier.. I repeat, NOT).
It just scrolls, and it stop in a half second (just "tick") and keep scrolling... Very difficult to explain..
It is not so easy to see it, but I do (and it is NOT the same problems as in the Modern skin in an earlier beta)..
What do you think?

As for other things, the installer looks nice (new and fresh) and the new features are cool..
Keep up the good work... You are doing a great job
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