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The show/hide reflection for vis/timer settings were there in the previous build.
It's just that the Bento player window is bigger now, so maybe it's more noticable than it was before...

I couldn't reproduce any lag issues with the Bento classic songticker. Sorry.

I also couldn't reproduce the ML window issue in Winamp Modern skin either.

Yeah, that'll be a Gracenote database issue.
As far as I know, it just analyzes the song and tags it with the first matched result. This can sometimes be tricky if the same song appears on a few different albums/compilations. Maybe there should be some way to give you a choice? Not sure how that would/could be implemented though...

Urghh. That's really bad. I always uncheck everything on that screen (remote, toolbar, emusic), so wouldn't be able to reproduce it anyway, heh. However, the Winamp Remote people ( will certainly need notifying about this problem. As to whether they can reproduce/diagnose it though....

Re: Analyzer
Try it with a different color theme, eg. Winamp Classic theme.
You'll definitely see the difference between normal, fire & line modes there.

Hmm. Weird. I'm not sure why "Send To > Auto Tag" isn't working for you on any tracks whatsoever. Alas, we can't reproduce the problem. I have noticed though that it might take a while (maybe up to 20 or 30 seconds sometimes) before the UI appears on first usage within a Winamp session. This is as it's waiting for the Gracenote libraries to load. After that, the UI should appear almost instantly on further attempts within the same Winamp session.

Alas, I can't help you with the iPod Classic problem. Anyone else?

Hmm. Sorry, but I can't reproduce that here.

Hmm... are you definitely using Bento #105 ?
The songticker / scrolling title does elongate when you stretch out the player!

Can you provide us with more info (see first post on how to submit a useful bug report). Crash logs would be a helpful start....
[edit] ok, you also posted a screenshot...

a) is a known issue (it was like that in 5.35 and previous, and is serverside code related)

b) Hmm, strange. Yeah, Bento isn't too friendly when it comes to trying to view ML and videos at the same time. But the highlighted tab issue most certainly needs looking into.

c) Hmm, even weirder. I'll try to reproduce later (I personally havent attempted to view any videos in Online Services for quite a while now, ever since... well, you know what!)

@Omega X
Hmm. Please explain (screenshot link maybe?). Bento windowshade looks ok here.

Please see Known Installer Issues in first post.

You're not the only one to report the same thing about the Toolbar.
All 6 people who I know that installed it have all said that it doesn't appear/work.

And yeah, as Sawg said, autotag needs an internet connection, but certainly shouldn't be crashing when one isn't available. Thanks.
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